Artists Open Houses Installation

Don’t Stand Behind the Line

We have now reached the end of our fourth weekend of opening Richard’s Eco renovated house for the Artists Open Houses festival and it’s time to reflect before we start on the final weekend.

When we signed up to be the Headline Sponsor for Artists Open Houses we were excited to be part of such a prominent and growing festival in Brighton. We wanted to extend our involvement past that of just a sponsor so we decided to open up Richard’s house to display the art work from the Architects in our studio called ‘Architects Art. Being a creative bunch we didn’t want to stop there and felt the festival needed a bit of interaction too.

Originally conceived to add a new and exciting element to the festival we decided to do the tape installation because architects and interior designers by their very nature create a physical space for people to occupy and experience on many levels. Despite this, we have become spectators of architecture and design by observing it in a 2D format in magazines or on television. We wanted to invite visitors to our Open House to become involved in the transformation of space in a physical way. Step over the “Stand Behind the Line” tape and explore and engage with the design of a space. We imagined the space to be a 3d interior decoration but what we have discovered has been so much more.

We have seen the space develop into an individual expression of personality with some intricate pieces that required great skill and concentration in their creation. We saw this theme starting to develop during the Artists Open Houses Launch party and the old Market in April. People were focusing on bespoke pieces and enjoying the interaction between the art and the space. We knew from that night that the concept had developed and that what we would see would be far more exciting than what we had initially conceived.

Black not White

During Weekend one of the festival we used Black tape on a white painted and boxed out room. This created a bold and striking foundation for the weeks to come. The first visitor drew a window and this was followed by a table with some flowers, we thought we may see the creation of interiors after all! Baby Cat –  Richards 20-Year-old cat –  then seemed to inspire our visitors and Fliss and Rudy were born, these were the first two cats to what has now become quite a Clowder! We were also impressed with the detail behind the portrait of Taka, The Seagull and a Leicester group who created a fox and were wishing for The Foxes to win the Premiership league – The installation room clearly brings good luck!

The second week we added Yellow to the installation and were impressed with the interaction the visitors had with the black tape. Most worked with what was already on the canvas, adding colourful wings to a black butterfly, making the lobster yellow and adding wine to the wine glass! We also saw a beautiful sunshine rise over the Black seagull, a wonderful pineapple and yellow paint spill from the black paint can.

During weekend three we introduced Red tape. We had further interaction with the existing art and also an array of wonderful additions. A perfect spiders web with resident spider, another lobster and a powerful statement from Reverend McTernan “Acceptance”

Don’t be Blue its not over yet!

Moving into the Blue weekend we were running out of space and excited to see how our visitors used the blue tape, we were certainly not disappointed. An underwater scene with a distressed fish, a philosophical Snoopy, the beautiful Pavilion, a blue giraffe, The Eiffel Tower and another poignant statement “Do what you love” We also saw visitors create and get tangled in a web constructed across the room that was then dismantled by another visitor, allowing access to be regained!

During the final 3-day weekend we will be using Green Tape to finish off the interactive installation “Don’t Stand Behind the Line”. We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback and number of visitors. Not only have they been amazing in taking part in our installation they have also viewed and loved our Architects Art and enjoyed the Tea and cakes for the worthwhile Sussex Night stop charity.

750 visitors have already passed through our doors over the four weekends and we are excited to see how many more want to attend on the last weekend to see, eat and stick! The whole 5 weekends will be shown as a time-lapse video and photos will be available to view on our website so watch this space!

Please view last weekends time-lapse below and look through the creations!

artists Open Houses blue weekend
RichardArtists Open Houses Installation

Artists Open Houses

We are now three weekends into our ARCH-angels Art House opening for Artists Open Houses festival throughout May.

We are displaying art work by five of our Architects all in an Eco-renovated house done by ARCH-angels Architects. We also have cake sales for Sussex Night Stop charity and the interactive art installation. Its a house catering for all ages and interests and with over 600 visitors walking out with a smile on their faces we are confident it is being enjoyed by all!

Opening up a house for the Artists Open Houses festival is a wonderful experience. It gives you a unique opportunity to meet so many interesting people you would not normally cross paths with. We have had such great feedback about the art work, the Eco-renovation house and the installation room, it really makes it all worthwhile. The installation was initially thought up to create a 3d interior in a room but we have seen it develop into more of a personal expression and we are really enjoying the direction it has taken. We still have two more weekends so please do come down and add to the developing live art work of “Don’t stand behind the line” installation.

We are No12 on the Kemptown Trail and next weekend we will be using Blue tape to add to this ever-growing installation. Please follow us on Twitter @ARCHangelsBTON and remember to #installation #Architectsart and #kidscompetition


RichardArtists Open Houses