Planning Application Fee Increase

20% Fee Increase

We wanted to make you aware of some legislative changes that will be coming into effect on 17th January  2018 that could affect your project.

On the 20th December, new legislation was passed to increase the planning application fee by 20% and the changes will come into effect on 17th January  2018. This price hike will affect all planning applications and permitted development certificate of lawfulness.

Planning applications will increase from £172 to £206

Lawful development certificate will increase from £80 – £96

If you are in a position to move forward with a planning application or would like to discuss a project and require ARCH-angels assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

For further reading please visit the .Gov site on the legislative changes.


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Architects hand planning sketch
RichardPlanning Application Fee Increase

Nicola Thomas retires from the business

Big changes for 2018 – Nicola Thomas retires from the business.

ARCH-angels Architects, founded by Nicola Thomas and Richard Zinzan in 2009, is passionately committed to providing cost-effective, creative, low energy buildings. We work closely with clients to enhance their space and craft beautiful buildings that are in harmony with their environment. Our aim is to understand the client’s dreams and to meet their individual requirements throughout the natural building process, so together we can produce people’s own grand design.

Now into our eighth successful year and steaming ahead strong, we say goodbye to one of our beloved founders, Nicola Thomas, as she retires from the business after an inspirational 30-year career in the architectural industry. Her parting words being “developing the two businesses (ARCH-angels Architects and ZST architects) has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to meet and work with a vast range of like-minded people and friends”. No better words could show the strength of bonds that we cherish within our team and the many people we work with. ARCH-angels continues to operate as a highly successful residential architectural business and going forward under Richard Zinzan’s leadership and a talented team, we are sure to continue to develop and achieve great things.


RichardNicola Thomas retires from the business