Artists Open Houses

We are now three weekends into our ARCH-angels Art House opening for Artists Open Houses festival throughout May.

We are displaying art work by five of our Architects all in an Eco-renovated house done by ARCH-angels Architects. We also have cake sales for Sussex Night Stop charity and the interactive art installation. Its a house catering for all ages and interests and with over 600 visitors walking out with a smile on their faces we are confident it is being enjoyed by all!

Opening up a house for the Artists Open Houses festival is a wonderful experience. It gives you a unique opportunity to meet so many interesting people you would not normally cross paths with. We have had such great feedback about the art work, the Eco-renovation house and the installation room, it really makes it all worthwhile. The installation was initially thought up to create a 3d interior in a room but we have seen it develop into more of a personal expression and we are really enjoying the direction it has taken. We still have two more weekends so please do come down and add to the developing live art work of “Don’t stand behind the line” installation.

We are No12 on the Kemptown Trail and next weekend we will be using Blue tape to add to this ever-growing installation. Please follow us on Twitter @ARCHangelsBTON and remember to #installation #Architectsart and #kidscompetition


RichardArtists Open Houses