Award Winning Design Eco House

Eco House of the Future – Award Winning Design

We are happy to announce our Paragraph 55 Eco House of the future has won Paper Landscape award for unbuilt projects in the prestigious Society of Garden Designers Awards 2016. 

Landscape Designer, Dan Lobb worked with ARCH-angels Architects on this futuristic Eco Home – A scheme 6 years in the making and conceived of by ARCH-angels Architects as a blueprint for the ‘country house of the future’, was granted planning permission on appeal by the Planning Inspectorate.

Judging the design of the cutting edge eco home as ‘Architecturally outstanding’, Inspector L Gibbons has granted permission in accordance with Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Submitted for the award by Landscape Designer Dan Lobb Design MSGD who worked closely with ARCH-angels to blend the landscape and architecture seamlessly.

Read more about ‘Wishanger’  the architectural design Eco House

What the judges say:

“A design that seamlessly blends the landscape with the architecture in a sensitive very beautiful way.  An extremely accomplished piece of work that shows great sensitivity to the landscape.”

Wishanger estate CGI Designed by Arch angels architects Wishanger estate CGI Designed by Arch angels architects

RichardAward Winning Design Eco House