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  • Work Experience places now full for 2018.

ARCH angels Architects actively supports work experience throughout the year. It is great that we are in the fortunate position to support any one keen to embark upon an architectural / interiors route and those already proceeding through their 7-years to qualification.

We recently had the privilege of supporting Chloe who was given a beach hut brief to complete during her week with the team. We were very impressed with her work and she clearly has a talent for architecture. Chloe will certainly be one to look out for once she has finished her degree.

Here is what she had to say about her experience.

Dear ARCH  angels Architects,

Thank you so much for having me for the past week. My Work Experience placement was both enjoyable and rewarding. Throughout the week I was welcomed with kind smiling faces and loved being included in the atmosphere of success. During my work experience I learnt how to create both a 3D and 2D model of a beach house via a program named Vector Works. The highlight of my week was watching my project piece together and being proud of the outcome. I really appreciate my experience and am now considering a career in architecture. Thank you so much for this opportunity  – I am extremely grateful.

Yours Chloe Farrell


If you are interested in work experience with ARCH angels Architects please email or contact our studio on 01273 267184.



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