Eco Newbuild Passivhaus

Eco Newbuild –  Passivhaus

We are very excited to be starting on our first Passivhaus project in Saltdean, East Sussex. This is a great opportunity for the practice to embark on our first Passivhaus since Nicola’s Passivhaus certification. Nicola Thomas, Co-Owner of ARCH-angels Architects and Partner of ZSTa attended the Passivhaus training course through the AECB in November 2014 and is now a certified Passivhaus Designer.

What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus (or Passive House) buildings provide a high level of comfort for the occupants while using very little energy for heating and cooling; by maximising the use of super insulation, air tight construction and paying meticulous attention to the removal of thermal bridges. Combining this with passive solar gain, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems; Passivhaus design can create healthy and comfortable eco buildings with plentiful fresh air internally to provide perfect air humidity for healthy conditions all year round.

Through Nicola’s expertise, we are able to integrate these rigorous standards to the design and construction process of buildings where the client wishes to push the boundaries to reduce the ecological footprint, lower CO2 emissions and reduce their ongoing energy consumption. Generally used in new building design, the practice would like to apply these principles to refurbishments where appropriate.

Every client is worried about the cost of their project and there is a common misconception that to obtain a Passivhaus you will be paying a lot more. The truth is once you include operation costs into the equation, Passivhaus comes out as the most affordable way to construct a building. The low energy consumption of a Passivhaus can see a staggering cost saving of more than 90% per year. Remember if you build a new build house you have no VAT to pay!

To find out more about Passivhaus or retrofitting your current home to be more energy efficient, please call our studio on 01273 267184

Eco New Build Passivhaus

RichardEco Newbuild Passivhaus