Ethics as Green Architects

Our philosophy

Specialising in green architecture, we are dedicated to promoting and implementing sustainable construction practices. We are regional coordinators for The Green Register, members of the AECB and Constructing Excellence, and we’re part of the Brighton and Hove 10:10 climate change campaign. We attend regular training events on sustainable construction and are always looking to improve our carbon credentials.

At the office

  • Minimal car travel – None of our employees drive to work on a regular basis. We all either walk or cycle
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle – We recycle most of our office waste and reuse resources wherever possible
  • Monitoring – We use energy monitors to keep an eye on our energy usage, and we regularly track our water consumption
  • At home – We also encourage our staff to make changes at home as well as the office

On site

  • We try to exceed standard thermal regulations in every project
  • We use local, natural, reclaimed, recycled and renewable materials wherever possible
  • We advocate low carbon technologies and implement them when we can
  • We only recommend AAA rated energy efficient appliances

Here’s how we plan to improve

As we rent, we can’t make any drastic changes to our office building. However, we are planning to:

  • Generate electricity using photovoltaics
  • Reduce heat loss with secondary glazing and automatic door closers
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