New Low Energy Home

A new low energy home is on its way!

Construction works for a private new low energy home has started with the use of sustainable materials throughout. The design has taken full advantage of the plots uninterrupted views across fields and beautiful countryside. Foundations have been built and the slab is poured. We love going on the site visits and collecting wild blackberries in our hard hats!

What are the benefits of building your own home?

It is a great opportunity to create a home that perfectly suits your lifestyle instead of fitting your family into a developer built ‘off the shelf’ home.

Whilst developer houses are far from bad homes, as they have to meet all of the building regulations, they aren’t necessarily going to bring inspiration into your home life, nor suit all of your needs. When you choose to self-build, you are able to take control of your home project, in that you can choose who designs it, who builds it, and what needs your home will meet. You may want a home that is low energy, able to accommodate a growing family, or you may be approaching retirement and want a home that can support you.

What’s more, is that self-building works out to be more economical than purchasing the ready-made equivalent. This is because there are no VAT charges in labor costs, or building material costs when you are building a home from scratch.

You may be thinking, well that all sounds good but I don’t have the manual skills to build a home. Well in actuality most self-builders choose to take on the role of project manager and hire an architect to help with the design, and a contractor to take care of the skilled work. People from all walks of life can work towards building their dream home.

New build foundations
RichardNew Low Energy Home