New Build Family Home

This exciting new build has just started on site. The brief was to create a low energy and discreet family home that follows the contours of the land whilst maximising light and space in the limited available area.

The design features a mainly single storey dwelling; dug down into the site to respond to the sloping land and to minimise the visual impact from all of the surrounding houses. It sits within the existing rear garden of our client and will become a home for his son and his growing family.

From road level all that will be seen is a modest entrance pod and vehicle access gates. The proposed living roof of locally relevant meadow grass will allow the property to blend into the site between retained hedges both sides of the plot.  To the rear of the property the large family room will open out to a new terrace with steps descending down to a sunken garden.

This two bed dwelling is due to be completed by the end of April 2016. We are excited to be on site so we can now bring you regular updates as the project moves forward.

RichardNew Build Family Home