• Robert | Brighton

    archangels ARCHITECTS were a pleasure to work with, very patient with my demands and always offering great advice on aspects that neither us nor the builder had picked up on. Without a doubt the use of an architect caused the project to be more successful than it would have been otherwise, our subsequent viewings of similar projects by neighbours and friends completed without an architect have clearly confirmed this.

  • Sue | Brighton

    We worked closely with archangels ARCHITECTS on our small extension project. Although the project was restricted in terms of budget, the team took on board our ideas and worked them into a great solution which has made a really positive difference to our home and how we live. They were great at recommending different products and used client friendly tools such as creating a Pinterest board to illustrate ideas. They paid great attention to detail which was vital in a project that was so limited in size and took the time to explain the more technical aspects of the build to us. We would not hesitate to recommend them for similar projects.

  • John | Hove

    We chosearchangels ARCHITECTS as they were a local firm with a solid reputation.  We needed an architect that would help guide us through the complex planning, conservation and heritage issues that affect Grade 1 Listed buildings and yet still achieve our design goals.

    archangels ARCHITECTS ‘ positive and proactive approach helped us create a completely redesigned layout, sympathetic to our historic building.  Their ability to work co-operatively and in tune with the Local Authority planning department, negotiating favourable compromises where necessary, allowed the project to run soothly and to schedule; quite an achievement we believe.

    archangels ARCHITECTS ensured our plans were realised to an exceptional standard by introducing us to Ark Builders who carried out the work.  Ark’s attention to detail, combined with simply superb workmanship, gave us a result that exceeded our expectations and is admired by all who see it.

  • Mark | Brighton

    Professionals are worth their weight which is why it is always wise to refer to them. archangels ARCHITECTS are consummate professionals. From concept & design to fully costed drawings, aaA are the architects to choose. We chose wisely when using them for our loft conversion. Wanting something more than just a box on the roof, aaA delivered more than we desired & now we are living in & loving the addition to our home.

  • Elisabet | Brighton

    I absolutely love my house! So thank you everyone for your brilliant design – it is changing our lives. I know that I am very very lucky to have this house, and you have all been part of that.

  • Marion | Kingston

    I am so glad I hired archangels ARCHITECTS . The team came up with great ideas for my extension, and really listened to my requirements. I had to stage the build, and they were really accommodating with also staging the design and specification process. I am halfway through the project now, and am really enjoying the new kitchen extension that is phase one.
    I would have no hesitation of working with them again, and recommending them to other people.

  • Janet | Renovation

    What to do with the ordinary – turn it into the extraordinary. If you’re thinking of refurbishing a property and want to maximise its potential, then using a good team of architects, as we did, makes all the difference. They were able to guide us through the unknown in a calm and positive manner.

    archangels ARCHITECTS took our brief and shared our vision to transform an airless basement kitchen and other dark spaces into a light, spacious home for our family. One dated bathroom of average size was transformed into two 21st century shower rooms, complete with bespoke fitted storage.

    Green space from outdoors was brought into the living area by adding glass sliding doors – an entirely different perspective on a tiny yard. When lit at night, the Sussex flint wall is transformed into a work of art infused with light and shade.

    By taking the clutter of everyday living and designing bespoke storage around our needs, the team enabled us to organise and bring order and calmness to all rooms.

    archangels ARCHITECTS were always there to answer queries and help us navigate through important decision-making processes. Sounds like magic but by sharing your vision with the aaA team your dream spaces are possible. They will challenge and extend your vision to its limits. Although it was tough whilst the work was being done, do try to enjoy the journey as we did and know that it will all be forgotten once you are living in and enjoying your new spaces.

  • Chrissie | Hove

    My refurbishment project was at times difficult as it can be, I was inexperienced, it was my first time doing a complete refurbishment.
    The help with design and your contacts provided invaluable support, the help with paperwork and sourcing of builders ensured an excellent result.
    I did have a wobble when it became clear that the project would go considerably over budget. This forced me to take over the sourcing of everything that’s been put into the flat, but the result is that I love everything about my home.
    I found you all kind and patient, and your invaluable contribution came at a reasonable and affordable price.
    Not everyone has a lot of cash to spend on their projects but I would use archangels ARCHITECTS again in a heartbeat to ensure the fabulous results.
    Thank you for everything.

  • Angela | Hove

    archangels ARCHITECTS designed a new kitchen extension for me in 2013. The team listened carefully to what I proposed and came up with a plan that fulfilled all my requirements. They helped me through the planning proposal and helped me appeal when the initial design was turned down. The appeal was successful and aaA did the tendering process for the builders and then continued to act as a liaison  person. The builders were excellent and aaA made regular visits to the build to oversee the project and made a final inspection when the build was completed.

    The finished kitchen is light and airy and overlooks the garden; archangels ARCHITECTS made the best possible use of the available space. The sliding wooden doors are modern but are also in keeping with an Edwardian property. Skylights add extra light. There is now room for a dining section in the kitchen and it is easy to step outside into the garden. There is underfloor insulation and heating which keeps costs down. I am delighted with the final result.

  • Joan | Brighton

    Really excellent service from start to finish. I have worked with one of the team members of archangels ARCHITECTS on two previous occasions. Creative and innovative. Lots of really relevant positive advice. Timely information. Also were able to link me in with other relevant professionals which is key if no previous connections with said professionals. Drawings and specifications were done when they said they would be and the service delivered with professionalism and respect at all times.