Work Experience – Stepping Out of the Classroom and Into A Working Practice

Work Experience

ARCH-angels Architects sees the value in supporting and developing quality work experience. It actively supports student placement and mentoring on undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes, as well as providing opportunity to pupils attending secondary school education who have a dream about becoming an Architect, Architectural Technologist or an Interior Designer.

Students and pupils get hands-on work experience, by getting to grips with working, meeting deadlines and working in a team. 

ARCH-angels believes that there are a number of positive outcomes from stepping out of the classroom and into a working practice during the course of study by:

  • enhancing knowledge and increasing skills
  • helping with the person’s course of study
  • enlightening the individual’s understanding about the industry or job
  • giving insight into the way the practice operates and the challenges it faces
  • providing clarity for the students/pupils career goals
  • hopefully increasing their organisational skills and developing people management skills
  • establishing networks
  • offering a nurturing and friendly environment
  • providing them with a referee in the future
  • offering the opportunity to attend continual professional development lunchtime events with the team

The benefits to the practice having work experience students/pupils include:

  • gaining new and motivated members of the team
  • added value by bringing new skills and perspectives to the practice
  • input of fresh dynamic talent
  • improved productivity with the longer term placements

We structure the placement to enable each student/pupil to gain the most from their work experience and allocate a supervisor who they can refer to, although all the team essentially chip in from time to time which is reflective of the culture in the practice.

But don’t just take our word for it:

Janet says, “Working with ARCH-angels architects so far has been AMAZING! One of the reasons I wanted to work for them is because of their commitment to their clients, always ensuring that they get the best possible service and that their requirements and vision are met. I have seen this during my time here. I have been fortunate enough to be working  with some very talented architects, who have all shared with me different techniques and taught me new ways of doing things, from showing me tricks on CAD to explaining details and how things work. I have been involved in a number of different aspects in the industry, from surveys to building regulation drawings, I am learning so much that I know will help me further my career.

Everyone in the office have been so welcoming and kind, it is like a family, there is never a dull day. Arch-angels is where innovation and excellence are achieved and it gives me great privilege to be able to be a part of the team.”

Arianne says, “I have been considering a career in architecture and all of the training that it involves. Having spent a week with the team at AaA I now have a far greater insight into the work of a busy and innovative practice which has convinced me I am making the right career choice. Having a particular interest in green architecture matched the ethos at AaA and this was particularly rewarding. I even had the chance to assist in undertaking a building survey as well as attend client meetings with Richard Zinzan. I was slightly nervous of course being unsure how I would get along but Richard and the team put me at ease  – they really are a lovely team to spend time with.

The other thing I found reassuring was talking with the young and enthusiastic new architects reaffirming my decision to attend architectural school hopefully at Brighton University. Brighton is such a cool place and the practice really pick up on the local vibe. I saw so many great projects that AaA are working on which was such an eye opener to someone thinking of becoming an architect.”

Johanna says, “During my week’s work experience with ARCH-angels Architects, I was fortunate enough to be warmly welcomed and kindly guided through various challenges including my own design of a live project onto CAD. It was a fantastic experience, in a busy office environment with a site visit, meetings and an appeal hearing. Every day gave me new insight and an invaluable set of skills, thanks to the time and care of the people working there, enabling me to feel part of their team. As a result I am now even more excited to start the training to become an Architect  and am currently applying for university places. Many thanks to ARCH-angels!”

Going forward we are always looking for fresh talent with a “can do” attitude and are considering a programme offering one placement during the Autumn and Spring half terms and one placement during the Easter and Summer Holidays. In addition we will be looking for either another  year out Architectural Technologist or a year out Part II architectural student and possibly a year out Interior Design student next year.

hemanthaWork Experience – Stepping Out of the Classroom and Into A Working Practice