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transforming a bungalow by building upwards rather than outwards

building upwards rather than outwards

If you own a small detached house or bungalow and need a bigger home, but moving or extending outwards is not suitable for your needs, then building upwards could be an option for you.

understanding permitted development feature image contemporary single storey rear extension

understanding permitted development

So, you’ve decided to extend your property? Before we let our creative minds roam free, we need to ensure we’re within our rights to realise our dreams. Recent amendments to legislation for permitted development have ushered in major changes to planning law, which introduce a relaxation of what you can build without requiring planning permission.


outstanding eco home: how to create your dream home in the open countryside

People often approach us with an idea to buy a piece of land in the open countryside and build their dream home. It can be done, if you are committed to a bit of a journey to get there.

common misconceptions about listed properties feature image renovating a listed building

common misconceptions about listed properties

There is a lot of confusion about listed properties; what you are and aren’t allowed to do. Not to mention the authorities, which some see as rather dark forces indeed. Especially if you believe the dramatised versions which you may see on “reality” TV programmes.


archangels celebrates five years and fundraises for shelter

The journey began five years ago in challenging times. Two determined individuals shared a dream of crafting beautiful, sustainable buildings and an ethical architectural practice in Brighton.