taking the right step

herons ghyll, east sussex

A family of four was desperate for help because various loft conversion companies had suggested to them that a loft extension in their 1850’s coach house was not possible. With a fifth member of the family on the way, they really needed that extra room.

Having worked with similar challenges, we quickly managed to find a solution. By designing a new feature stair and creatively reworking the space, we were able to turn what was a discouraging scenario into a dream come true.

A contemporary and lightweight glass balustrade staircase integrates seamlessly with the existing interior spaces. The ensuite loft room enjoys a spectacular view. High levels of insulation, water reduction measures, energy efficient lighting and reclaimed building materials met both our and our client’s goals to solve a practical challenge in both an aesthetic and an environmentally friendly way.

Builder: GM Building
Build Cost & Date: 35K | 2010
Photography: Alistair Nicholls Photographer