ARCH-angels are Exhibiting at The Eco Technology Show 2014 for The Third Year Running!

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“The premier event for sustainable energy, build, transport, technology and resource efficiency”

ARCH-angels are back for the third year running and are delighted to be supporting this engaging show. We are keen to share our low energy building knowledge with visitors to our stand and will be offering a 20% discount to all those who register with us on the day.

Our top priority is fulfilling the specific design requirements of our clients, working closely with each of them to provide innovative designs; as we believe that making the green choice shouldn’t mean having to compromise between beauty, sustainability and affordability.

Our friendly team will be in attendance on both days, so drop by to discuss any of your potential projects. We will be exhibiting examples of our built projects and will be happy to discuss all the services we offer.

The Eco Technology Show runs from Thursday 26th 09.30 to 5.00pm and Friday 27th June 09.30 to 4.30pm at The Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2GR

hemanthaARCH-angels are Exhibiting at The Eco Technology Show 2014 for The Third Year Running!

Building Upwards Rather Than Outwards

If you own a small detached house or bungalow and need a bigger home, but moving or extending outwards is not suitable for your needs, then building upwards could be an option for you. Perhaps you want to increase the size and number of rooms within your property, without impacting on your outside space. Maybe you wish to maximise the current value of your home and make a sound investment for the future. Or, when it comes to extending your property, you would rather make the most of the building’s footprint with more cost effective, sustainable
design solutions.

What are the benefits of an upwards extension?

Extending upwards enables you to create more floor space within a smaller building footprint.   Unlike an outwards extension, it means that you can expand your indoor living area, whilst retaining your outside garden space. In addition to maintaining and maximising the floor plan of your house, making use of the existing structure and services can be more cost effective and time efficient than building a new property.

An upwards extension could also help you increase the existing value of your home; making it a potential investment for you. Transforming a small house or bungalow into a much larger property could make it more saleable and boost its prospective sale price. As well as improving its capacity to meet the changing needs of a growing family, it could give you more flexibility to downsize or relocate in the future.

Points to consider when building upwards:

  • Do your research on the building and surrounding area. Note: upwards extensions are most suitable for small detached houses and bungalows but context is key. i.e. neighbouring properties will have influence on the likelihood of extending upwards – see examples.
  • Take account of your budget and whether or not an extension will add value to your property.
  • Check with your Local Authority as planning permission is required for upwards extensions.
  • Seek advice from builders, architects and structural engineers before work begins as well as throughout the design and build process to ensure your specific requirements are met.
  • Choose materials and a design that will enhance/improve and update the existing building.
  • Incorporate sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly design as well as building practices.

The Wignall House
A dramatic upwards extension; transforming a bungalow into a modern ‘upside-down’ 3-storey house to optimise views and increase desirability in the local area. Incorporating sustainable features including highly insulated timber construction, high performance double glazing and under floor heating to help save energy and reduce
carbon emissions.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Tivoli Front After Website   Tivoli Back After Website
The Art Deco House
Transformation of a pitched hip roofed bungalow into a stylish 3-storey Art Deco building with flat roof terraces to maximise the ‘seaside’ nature of the property as well as make the most of its stunning sea views.

Art Deco House beforeWebsite   Art Deco House - afterWebsite

hemanthaBuilding Upwards Rather Than Outwards