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asking the right questions 

Are you ready to create your dream home but don’t know where to start? Let’s start by asking the right questions. In taking the time to commit these thoughts to paper (albeit digital), you start to develop your brief. Your brief is a helpful framework to help approach your project in a focused way. Crucially, it also helps us understand how we might be able to collaborate with you.

Have a think, jot down your answers below (treat this as a mind dump!). Following our free*, in-home consultation, we will put together a fee quote for our design services specifically tailored to your project.

We try to keep It simple: Share with us your lifestyle, challenges, ideas and dreams. We will listen, guide, inspire, explore and collaborate. Together, we create your dream home.

*We are proud to be Business Ambassador to the charity Sussex Nightstop and we have implemented an initiative to ask all potential clients who have our free consultation carried out by one of the team, to donate a suggested sum of £25 directly to Nightstop, this can be done very simply by following this link

Name *
This is about you: who lives in the house, occupation, age, hobbies, interests, or anything else you think might be relevant including your full contact information.
This is about your project: location (full address), site characteristics, building type, is it in a Conservation Area or is it Listed, etc. Are you looking to build new, convert, extend? If you have a link to the property details, Rightmove or estate agent website, then please do pass this on.
These are specific both to you and your current living situation and the proposed building location/characteristics. For instance, the house is too small, the kitchen isn’t functional, living spaces dark, the roof is leaking, we need a new home, etc.
These are the crux of it! For instance, to build a new home that suits our family of 5, or to convert the loft for a separate home office, create a light and airy living area, etc.
This is an important starting point. Have you determined this? Please remember that budget includes build costs + 20% VAT where applicable, all consultant’s fees, statutory fees and contingency. A budget helps inform preliminary decisions on how to go about your project.
When would you ideally be living in your new space? Any other time constraints we should know about?