transforming a bungalow

brighton, east sussex

This award-winning project is a good example of how far a building transformation can go. Our starting point was a tired bungalow in a spectacular location. The goals were to maximise views, improve kerb appeal and create a light-filled and functional home that truly worked for this family.

By demolishing the roof of the existing bungalow and adding two floors, we created a dramatic upwards extension, transforming the bungalow into a modern ‘upside down’ three-storey home. With hints of the Bauhaus style, the new home makes a significant statement amongst a street of 1930’s style architecture, whilst also being sympathetic to the existing streetscape. Expansive glazing and a series of stepped flat roofs allow for stunning views over Brighton towards the sea.

The ground-floor level of the new home is essentially unchanged from the existing bungalow. A lightweight contemporary stair creates a more logical route to the garden and leads to the new first-floor living area. The living area has stunning water views as well as a balcony overlooking the garden. The smaller second floor, which has a bedroom and bathroom suite, is also often used for parties.

The lightweight timber construction building features high-performance windows and doors and high levels of insulation. A home automation system controls heating and lighting efficiently, and a no-nonsense rainwater-harvesting tank does, well, exactly that! Underfloor heating and a wood-burning stove create cosy winter days.

As is standard in all of our projects, we specified AAA rated energy efficient appliances, low flush toilets, low flow rate taps, efficient light fixtures and environmentally friendly paints, helping save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

The result is a dream home in a perfect location. The homes on either side of the existing bungalow were taller, so this new contemporary home now completes the streetscape like a “missing tooth.”